Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

Tympanoplasty for Ear

The eardrum (tympanic membrane) is between the outer ear and the middle ear. The eardrum vibrates when sound waves strike it. When the eardrum is damaged or has a hole in it, hearing may be reduced and ear infections may be more likely. Tympanoplasty refers to one or more surgical procedures that are done to correct a tear or other damage to the eardrum (tympanic membrane). A ruptured eardrum is also known as a perforated eardrum or a tympanic membrane perforation can lead to complications such as middle ear infections and hearing loss. It may also require surgery to repair the damage to the eardrum. Eardrums may also be perforated as a result of trauma, such as an object in the ear, a slap on the ear, or an explosion. In cases where the perforation is very small then the ENT surgeon may opt for myringoplasty which is a smaller procedure than tynmpanoplasty and can be done on day care basis.

Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

Symptoms and Treatment

Perforations occur as a result of defects in the middle layer, which contains elastic collagen fibers. Small perforations usually heal spontaneously. However, if the defect is relatively large, or if there is a poor blood supply or an infection during the healing process, spontaneous repair may be hindered. 

The tympanoplasty surgery aims at putting the ear drum graft back so that the hearing can be restored. The surgery is done either under local or general anaesthesia depending upon th ecomfort level of the patient. In case it is done under local anaesthesia then patient can leave the same day else next day.ENT Surgeon in India prefers to perform the surgery through the ear cannal only so that no external cut is made. It is done through microscope hence needs precision and best techniques to get the best results. The graft for the ear drum is taken from under the hairs. 

Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

How to Get the Best Cost

Dr Priyanjana Acharyya Sharma is one of the best ENT Surgeon in India. She is well trained and experienced in performing all kinds of endoscopic and microscopic surgeries of ear, nose and throat. Dr Priyanjana is a Gold Medallist in ENT and is a widely recognised in India and aborad for her skill and success rate in operating upon various ENT cases. The complete healing of the eardrum takes about 4 to 6 wee bfore it assumes a normal appearance. When the packing is all dissolved, the hearing is restored to normal.

The cost of tympanoplasty surgery in India would be approximately USD 2200. Hospital stay is 1 day and post discharge stay in India for about 10 days. The

Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

Our Hospitals

Our hospitals are located in the northern part of India specially in the NCR region comprising New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad which all are within a distance of 20-50 kms from the New Delhi airport. Our hospitals are super specialty in the fields of Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Joint Replacement, Cancer Care, Liver and Kidney Transplants, Cosmetic Surgery and many other branches of medicine. All our hospitals offer quality treatment and are accreditated by NABH or JCI. For patients coming from other countries our team members would receive you at the airport and escort you to the hospital or the hotel as the case maybe.

Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

Technology at our Disposal

We have the latest MRI, CT Scan, Digital X-Ray, Mammography, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler, PET CT Scan, Gamma Camera (Nuclear Medicine Scans), Image Guided Radiation Therapy, Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, Thoracosopy, Sleep Study, Lung Ultrasound, Bronchoscopy, EBUS TACE, PTBD, TARE, Liver Biopsy, Lung Biopsy etc which gives us the diagnostic and theraputic confidence for providing the right treatment.

Modular fully equipped Operation Theatres with Computer Navigation and C-Arm backed by a state of art ICU helps us in providing world class treatment to our patients. We are equipped to handle the most complex of the surgeries due to the state of art cutting edge technology.

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Ear Drum Surgery in India, Tympanoplasty Surgery in India, Hearing Loss Treatment in India, Best ENT Surgeon in India

Our Doctors

Our team of doctors include some of the best names from the Indian Medical Fraternity. Dr Arun Saroha Dr V.S.Mehta, Dr Vikas Kathuria, Dr Sandeep Vaishya in Neurosurgery, Dr Sumita Singh in Breast and Piles, Dr AK Sethi, Dr Anubhav Jain, Dr Subhash Jangid, Dr Debashish, Dr Anuj Chawla, Dr Ratnav Ratan, Dr Reetandyuti and Dr Praveen Tittal in Joints, Dr Priyanjana Sharma in ENT, Dr Kaushal Yadav, Dr Ankur Garg, Dr Shilpi Sharma, Dr Abhishek Mitra in Cancer Surgery, Dr Pramod Prasad, Dr Sumita Singh and Dr Vikram Singh in GI Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr Sadhna Sharma, Dr Anjali Kumar and Dr Parvinder Kaur in Obs, Gynae and Infertility, Dr Raman Tanwar and Dr Chandrakant Kar in Urology, Dr Pramod Prasad for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery are some of the key doctors with us.



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