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Normal Delivery at GNH Hospital Gurgaon

Pregnancy is the first step of a woman towards motherhood. GNH Hospital's Maternity Centre in Gurgaon is designed with an aim to provide mother and child a safe, conducive and infection free environment where she can bring her bundle of joy to this world in a joyful ambience.

GNH Hospital in Gurgaon offers a very neat and clean ambience where the entire family would love to gather at this moment of happiness within the family. They all can enjoy healthy and tasty meals at Chamcha Restaurant within the hospital.

Type of Normal Delivery at GNH Hospital Gurgaon

Normal delivery is the birth of the baby through the vagina. It is the natural method of birth. A normal delivery is many times also termed as vaginal delivery. At Maternity Centre at GNH Hospital Gurgaon, we promote normal delivery unless it gets imperative to do a C-section.


Different types of normal/vaginal deliveries have different terms:

- Spontaneous: when a pregnant female goes into labor without the use of drugs or techniques to induce labor.

-- Assisted or Instrumental: when a pregnant female goes into labor with the use of drugs or techniques to induce labor and requires the use of special instruments to deliver the baby .

- Induced: when drugs or manual techniques are used to initiate the process of labor

The Process of a Normal Delivery

The Gynaecologist will evaluate you in the labor and delivery area and once it is certain that you are indeed in labor, you will be admitted to the hospital. While you are in labor, your cervix dilates progressively and the gynaecologist at GNH hospital, Gurgaon will examine the vitals of the baby at regular intervals. Once the cervix is dilated to an optimal extent, the gynaecologist will ask you to push the baby out. Your pushing, along with the force of your contractions, will propel your baby through the birth canal.
As soon as your baby's head comes out, your doctor will suction amniotic fluid, blood, and mucus from his or her nose and mouth. You will continue to push to help deliver the baby's shoulders and body. Once your baby is delivered, your doctor clamps and cuts the umbilical cord. After that you will also deliver the placenta, the organ that nourished your baby inside the womb.


Package for Normal Delivery at GNH Hospital Gurgaon

Each woman and each labor is different. The amount of time spent in each stage of delivery will vary. If this is your first pregnancy, labor and delivery usually lasts longer than the subsequent pregnancies. After giving birth, you will continue to experience contractions for a few days as your uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size. You may notice contractions most while your baby is nursing. While you are in the hospital, the nurses at Maternity Centre at GNH Hospital, Gurgaon will help you with feeding and managing the baby. You will be discharged the next day after a normal delivery.

The Package for Normal Delivery at GNH Hospital is Rs. 60000/- in a Single Deluxe AC Room with attached toilet. The rooms are equipped with 40" LED TV, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Tea Coffe Maker, Cutlery, Computer Desk, Wifi. The baby charges would be Rs. 7500/-. If you choose to book a package then the total cost for your normal delivery would be Rs. 67500/-. However if the delivery is termed as High Risk due to any reason then the package would not be applicable and the billing would done on actual basis.

The hospital is on the Cashless panel for FHPL, E-Meditek, Vipul Medcorp, Star Health, Max Bupa, East West Assist, Iffco Tokio. Apart from these other TPA's will also be taken care off for cashless facility.


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